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What if your organization could unlock more capital so you could expand your business and grow?

Bonsap is a commercial real estate consulting and investment business that specializes in helping you get the best value for your business developments and new construction.


With access to competitively priced 100% financing, we can help you:

  • Recover capital that is buried in your real estate;
  • Help you build and get off-balance-sheet financing for your new properties; and
  • Finance corporate acquisitions by funding the real estate portion and leasing those assets to you for use in your business.

Founder David Busse

Our team of affiliated professionals have done several billion dollars of transactions with government, non-profit, and corporate entities over the past few years.

While Bonsap focuses on corporate commercial real estate across the United States, it is our fresh approach to  financing options that can make or break a deal, and is the engine that drives profitability of a project.

We want to create long-term value for our partners and improve the quality of life for every business we assist.

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