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Through our NNN Lease Investors affiliate, we help owners recover capital that is tied up in real estate by acquiring improved investment properties worth $10 million to over $200 million that are NNN leased long term to tenants with investment grade credit ratings.

We offer build-to-suit services through our developmentaffiliate, NNN Lease Developers LLC or alternatively provide construction oversight services and 100% financing for similar projects sponsored by other developers and contractors.

We can also support community economic development efforts by entering into joint venture or public-private partnerships with state, local, or federal government entities.

We provide construction financing and a takeout comment for these projects.

  • Our current investment criteria include the following:Any improved real estate in the United States
  • Value greater than $10M ($20M+ is typical lower end up to $200M++)
  • More than 15 years remaining on primary term (20 to 25 is better)
  • NNN lease of the property by a single tenant that pays all costs of operating, maintaining, and owning the property.

Tenant must have an investment grade credit rating.

Additional information about our investment criteria can be found here.