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Meet The Founder

David Busse founded Bonsap LLC in 1996, drawing on his extensive experience in commercial real estate and on Wall Street. Building on this experience, he has identified and is applying cutting edge strategies to reduce risk while making low cost funds available for public projects and private businesses.

His experience includes projects with assets valued at more than half of a billion dollars including sale leaseback and collateralized mortgage transactions for hundreds of properties.

In everything he does, the motivation is to reduce risk and deliver better value to clients, partners, and financial stakeholders.

I especially like his capacity to analyze and explain the key aspects of an investment or of a business opportunity and, then, drill down to the core of it, to see if will work or not.

Yves Huin

Business Engineering Expert

It’s always a pleasure working with David.

The strategy he proposed in such a short amount of time came with confidence and was backed by his years of success.

David is easily approachable and has a genuine desire to help others succeed.

Kirk Morales

Founder & CEO, Technologist, Start-up Advisor, Intrakr

David is a true business visionary.

I had the pleasure of working with David for several hours to dial in the messaging for my business, Stellar Research, while working on an investor presentation. David is “The Messaging Master!”

He was able to get to the heart and soul of my company’s offerings in minutes, something I’ve been trying to do for many months.

Thank you David for all of your help. I’m moving forward with a much more succinct, clear description of what my company offers to the world. I highly recommend David to help with all of your messaging needs.

Valorie Valencia

Founder & CEO, Stellar Research Enterprises, Inc